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Louisa Robbin

Louisa is a live artist and writer who is passionate about the alternative, the untraditional and the awkward. As a Birmingham based Londoner, Louisa has found Birmingham and its ever growing arts scene, to be the driving force behind her artistic career.

Intent on making art that explores the beauty in ritual, intimacy and the self. Her recent body of work ‘Untitiled’ explores her depression and the desperate need to keep going, keep doing and be more.

As half of Transits, a pair of writers and vocalists who merge spoken word and song harmoniously, Louisa uses music to navigate her personal catharsis.

Recent involvements with arts organisations include mac Birmingham, M.A.I.A Creatives, Unfinished Business Theatre, Birmingham Pride and Contemporary Other.


How do you distract yourself from negative thought? Herbal Tea, meditation, booze, bubble baths? Louisa shares the thoughts she has away from the therapist’s chair. Watch as she tries to cope, to care and not to disappear.

Louisa Robbin
Louisa Robbin
Louisa Robbin