2020 Fierce events have been cancelled due to COVID19, but we’ll be back soon!

A Very Fierce Grand Opening

Rachel Bunce of RB Films made this great highlights film from our Very Fierce Grand Opening at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Check it out!

Hosted by Ginny Lemon featuring:
Sandra Johnston: Here-to-Here, Notwithstanding
Keijaun Thomas: My Last American Dollar: Round 1. Tricking and Flipping Coins: Making Dollars Hit, Round 2. Black Angels in the Infield: Dripping Faggot Sweat, Round 3. Whatchu Gonna Do: Marvelous like Marva
Zander Porter X James Batchelor: Alien Intimacy
Whiskey Chow: M.A.C.H.O.
Justin Shoulder
Ariah Lester
Susannah Hewlett