Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

Cheap as Chips! Navigating Fierce for Free!

You can spend a weekend at Fierce, have a great time and not spend a penny. Although we’d never do ourselves out of a dollar, we definitely empathize with the experience of gazing over a festival program thinking, ‘that looks good. . . and that. . .that too. . . I want to see that’ but by the time you’ve done the maths you’re way beyond your budget.

So we thought it useful to point out that if you can get yourself here. You needn’t smash your piggy bank.

So here’s all the free stuff:

There are two performance installations that run throughout the festival, Reynir Hutber’s Stay Behind the Line and Eloise Fornieles’ The Message… This climaxes with a fire ceremony on Saturday 7th April.

Performance wise there’s Bennett Miller’s Dachshund U.N. (31st March) at 1pm, followed by Acts of Memory by Monica Ross at 2.30pm.

There’s also new work from artist group Lucky PDF on the Sunday 1st April when they launch on(and offline) their Global School of Art.

Throughout the week there’ll be a varied program of films and participatory works in the festival hub.

And on the closing weekend you can sample the family friendly mini soundfest Curious Sounds in Curious Spaces (Sat 7th April), a 21st birthday celebration of Symphony Hall with sound and music based works throughout the building – including those kind of delightful backstage areas that you wouldn’t otherwise get to see. Finally you can walk off the excitement with the legendary Hamish Fulton on Easter Sunday.

Hopefully see you there.