Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

Don’t miss Bristol’s Mayfest opening tomorrow! (17th – 27th May)

There’s plenty of work to be discovered at Bristol’s contemporary theatre festival Mayfest kicking off tomorrow – and running for the next 10 days. Some of the highlights that have caught our eye include Birmingham’s very own Kindle performing The Furies.

Jo Bannon’s Exposure

photo by Manuel Vason

Andy Field’s Motor Vehicle Sundown

photo: Kevin Dooley

Garage Band looks interesting, not only because it takes place in a garage but it’s inspired by a favourite book of ours, Remainder by Tom McCarthy.

Not to mention Tania El Khoury’s Maybe If You Choreograph Me, You Will Feel Better, Bryony Kimming’s Seven Day Drunk and John Moran: The Con Artist. Let us know what gems you discover!