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Frankenshow – CANCELLED


17 October 2017
£10 / £8

We regret to inform our audiences that this show has been cancelled.

GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN say: “It is with deep regret that we have had to withdraw from presenting Frankenshow at Fierce Festival. We sincerely appreciate the interest in the work that audiences have shown, and thank you for your support.”

A Fierce vs The Yard commission

In partnership with Birmingham Hippodrome

Frankenshow marks GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN’s misguided first foray into digital performance. They don’t have much of the right equipment or know-how up their sleeves, but they’ve heard somewhere that digital is The Future. The two MCs seem disconnected. Come to think of it, they seem not quite to even be there at all.

As the stage is gradually filled by a relentless cast of battery-operated creatures, a landscape of homemade Armageddon unfolds. Blockbusters, soaring soundtracks and political speeches are bolted together with glee, to create a lo-fi monstrosity of epic proportions.

Lurching towards a post-human terrain, a universe where even theatre is carried out by drones, Frankenshow is a middle-of-the-night waking dream about laziness, labour, control, the ethics of robotics, the craving of a human touch, and the unreal crippling fear of a very real war.

GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN is a UK-based performance company, making work which plays with glory, endurance, artifice and the banal, since 2008.

Originally commissioned for Experimentica at Chapter, Cardiff.

Fierce Says: VAN are our favourite theatre company. Laugh out loud funny and edge of your seat uncomfortable in equal measure. This is their first show after a hiatus so we expect they’ll have plenty to say.

Image Credit: Warren Orchard