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BAB, WE'RE BACK! 16 - 22 OCTOBER 2017

Race Cards

Selina Thompson (Leeds / Birmingham)

8 October – 11 October 2015
Thursday 6 - 8pm, Friday 10am - 9pm, Saturday 10am - 8pm, Sunday 2 - 8pm
Fierce Festival 2015
1 Dudley Street
Birmingham, B5 4EG United Kingdom

65. Are you black, or are you ‘new black’?
170. What is the long term psychological impact of white supremacy on people of colour?
220. My mum does not talk about race any more. It makes her uncomfortable, tired. Will this happen to me?
307. Why do people assume that racism will just passively die out if we wait long enough?
440. Are you angry?
541. What ever happened to Kony 2012?
660. Who is more problematic – famous racist Nigel Farage, or the liberal journalist politely asking him questions?
720. When does it all end?

Selina Thompson has devised a thousand questions concerning issues of race and identity. You are invited to respond to one of the questions which will feed into her research for this ongoing project. Selina Thompson was a Fierce FWD 14 artist, Fierce FWD is a scheme that supports emerging artists from or based in the West Midlands.

[installation, 1 person at a time, duration variable]

Seed commission from Camden People’s Theatre. Developed at Buzzcut and Forest Fringe Supported by Fierce FWD and John Feeney Charitable Trust.

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