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Forced Entertainment/Tarek Atoui: The Last Adventures

The Last Adventures

Forced Entertainment collaborate with Lebanese sound artist Tarek Atoui to create a compelling performance on an epic scale. Sounds swarm and storm the in the air as performers in homemade costumes create a pageant of giant sea monsters, ghosts, fighting kings, marching robots and dancing trees. Before our eye Forced Entertainment transform a haunted forest into a sky of portentous clouds, or the aftermath of a terrible war.


Fierce Says: There is very little text in this piece (especially for a Forced Entertainment show). Instead, a living tapestry is woven through an alternative language: flocking movements, repetition, chaotic tableaux and cardboard props. The Last Adventures reaches for a form for something inexpressible. For these performances, the action will be scored by an eviscerating wall of white noise created live on stage by KK NULL.