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Thomas Doherty

Birmingham born artist, performer and musician. Writer, singer and visual communicator for Boy With Wings. Contributor to Queerzone3000.
My work bubbles up in a wide range of activity, mostly socially engaged, from publication to performance; language, music, film and parties.
I am mostly concerned with oddballs, clubbing, full fantasy and the wider LGBTQIA+ community.
I put on high heels and clatter down the back alleys of failure in hopeful search of potentially successful, undiscovered routes of approach, expression and presentation.
instagram @thomasduh

Neolithic Night Fever

From dreams of misty, prehistoric parties and re/imagined narratives, swirls a dance to destabilise history.
Since the dawn of time, souls have found solidarity with each other, amongst the lands and skies, through the elemental nature of clubbing. Indulging in aspects of party: as celebration, as ritual resistance, as sacred, as spiritual, as timeless.
Fogs of fantasy dislodge footing in the prescribed present, obscuring limitations and providing a distance to within which create a performance/space that may escape the limitations of what a nightclub can be.
Thomas Doherty
Thomas Doherty