Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

Fierce Press Gang: Dachshund U.N

36 Dachshund’s on a scale replica of a former U.N. office in Geneva, Switzerland… who would have thought this would make so many people’s Saturday afternoon.

Art is imagination, and for a second the Dachshunds allowed me to let mine run free. Here’s some poetry to share my experience:

From the front a meditating experience,
But Backstage was doggy galore,
Hectic Little long Dachshunds,
were sitting all over the floor.

They came in all colours and sizes,
ones, twos, and threes, 
the perfect breed for this replica,
and for today the spotlight was there’s,
and what a joyful, fresh sight it was to see.

 I arrived at ten past one,
and already a crowd was formed
excitement filled the area,
and hot dogs were sold on the small stall. 

 Its an experiment isn’t it,
no one really knows for sure what’s next,
you should have heard the crowds gasp,
when two naughty doggy’s done the deed in front of all the guests.

 The dachshunds left us with a story to be told,
an individual experience for each person there.
a beautiful setting it was,
perfect for this mesmerising piece of art that was shared.