Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

Fierce Start Party Flashback

A look back at what happened on Thursday 15th 3pm…Fierce Start Party @AE Harris…

What is the Fierce Start Party? Hear Laura talk about it below:


The afternoon and evening celebrated the practice of the Fierce Festival Caravan of Artists 2010 – 2011, including live performances, interventions, and spaces to allow us to pick your brains. We had audiovisual delights from biTjAM then later some party music from mama feel good!

EXYZT @AE Harris for the Fierce Start Party

We had live blogging from this is tomorrow and photography by Briony Campbell. Here is some of Kira O’Reilly’s performance from the afternoon captured by James Smith from this is tomorrow:

Kira O’Reilly from this is tomorrow on Vimeo.

Everyone was invited – so thanks to all those who came along and those who stayed until the very end! We hope you picked up a Fierce Loyalty Card (it’s not too late to get one) and your fortune cookie.

Following the Fierce Start Party Lyn Gardner talked about the Fierce Festival Caravan of Artists 2010 – 2011 and our new approach to the festival model – a little snippet below:

Lots of festivals simply programme from the work that is available,” Morrison explains. “We’ve not gone shopping for artists who will just turn up on the night. We’ve looked for people whose work we really like, but who are prepared to have an ongoing and in-depth 10-month engagement with us and with local people. By the time Fierce happens, we’ll all know each other really well.” Even the timing – late February – is a break with the arts festival summer tradition. Was that dictated by the current May to September logjam? “It’s because the light is better,” says McDermott. “It makes you look at things differently – it makes you look twice.”

For the full article click here.

We hope to see you all very soon at Fierce Interrobang 1: Regeneration (24th – 26th June).

Were you at the Fierce Start Party? If so let’s hear your impressions of the event…