Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

Hello….Hello…Hello. Introduction to plan b.

Good to meet you all!  I have recently joined Team Fierce as Production Assistant and this piece offers an insight into what happened during my first week when I got to meet plan b.

‘plan b is about you and me’
Great to finally meet you…… I sit with plan b either side of the table.
We discuss the present, the reality, the now, ‘a day in the life’.
Plan b, led by artists Daniel Belasco Rogers and Sophia New are creating an installation entitled ‘a day in the life’.  Using GPS technology the project shall record and respond to the user’s movements throughout the city of Birmingham.  This project invites participation, an opportunity to understand and reflect on your walks through the city by translating the recorded GPS traces into a visual living piece.  Our journeys remain invisible.  How well can we visually identify our own traces?  These journeys shall be made tangible to substantiate the evidence of ‘being there’ to contextualise our movements.  Curiosity shall remain as to whether these journeys are random, spontaneous or part of a structured routine.  The project invites us to interpret our intentional or subconscious decisions from a differing perspective.
Take the opportunity to contribute to the project by collecting a GPS from mac and recording you own movements.  We are particularly interested to involve people who undertake journeys on foot that are part of a daily routine or profession.  Does anyone have a particularly good relationship with their postman who would be prepared to take part…?  If so please get in touch!  Please see or for more info.
This is plan b…