Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

Let’s Dance. . .

Could dance be an antidote to lives played out increasingly online?  We’ve never programmed so many dance works in our festival before.  Typical to our tastes, politics and interests it’s not necessarily dance as you know it. . .

* * *

New Yorker based Miguel Gutierrez appears in the UK for the first time with ‘HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT HAVE I DONE’ an autobiographical monologue that could as easily be a confessional stand-up routine.


* * *

Dana Michel’s Yellow Towel takes its name from the Montreal dancer/choreographer’s recollection of wearing a yellow towel on her head in imitation of the blonde girls she went to school with.

Ian Johnston and Gary Gardiner’s Dancer, asks what is it to be a dancer? They declare themselves untrained and don’t give a damn.


In this spirit comes Slow Dance hosted by Sherwin Sullivan Tjia on the same final Saturday. You don’t need to be virtuosic. It’s an opportunity to dance with whoever. . .  slowly and intimately perhaps a total stranger, a friend or an ongoing love.

* * *

Finally, Moon Ribas, leads us into a cyborg future. Her dance work Waiting For Earthquakes sees her respond to a device in her arm that notifies her of earthquake tremors across the globe. The duration and intensity of her movements are guided by these signals.

Cyborg Foundation Moon Ribas performing Waves @ TNT

Fierce Festival 2014, 2 – 12 October,