Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

Nicolas from EXYZT:

We took a walk along the frozen canals, marvelling at the geometric slabs of ice and enjoying the extra layer of silence that snow brings. 

Birmingham Canel during the Snow

We saw the spray from a duck’s landing on the canal water frozen in time.  Nicolas (from EXYZT) spoke about the canals as Birmingham’s romantic hidden world.  We navigated home in a left-hand drive car covered in flowers with an abstract but accurate hand-drawn map (turn right at the mosque).  We still don’t know our way round but being strangers with our senses still prickling feels like a good thing.  It helps us have more ideas about this place.  We’ve been inviting artists to stay with us in our flat.  This is helping us turn our flat into our home.  Nicolas cooks a very good soup teeming with root vegetables, cabbage and leeks.  This is how we want to work with people.