2020 Fierce events have been cancelled due to COVID19, but we’ll be back soon!

Pippa’s Picks

Pippa pictured with our current intern, an alpaca

Fierce’s Executive Producer makes her recommendations for the festival.

Obviously I’m really excited about the festival and all the work we have coming. I’ve learnt to have a very strong trust in Aaron’s curation, so picking the 4 works I’m most excited to see feels like an impossible task… but here I am giving it a go (in no particular order!):

Kate McIntosh – In Many Hands

We tried to bring this work in 2017, and weren’t able to, so I’m thrilled we are bringing it for the 2019 festival. I love the deep sense of equal participation in the work, and am genuine in saying I have never seen or experienced anything like it before so I think it will be special.

Tania El Khoury – The Search for Power

I had to include this one. Not only am I really excited to finally see Tania’s work, but the space itself (AE Harris) is very special to me, as it’s where I got married! The link in the work to Tania’s own marriage makes it feel even more special and I’m excited because I know the complexities of the install, and so know the space will be transformed and amazing!

Andrew Tay & Stephen Thompson – Make Banana Cry

It was brilliant to have Andrew’s show in 2017, so I’m pleased he’s coming back with this co-created work. I think it’s going to look fantastic at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery – another opportunity to transform a space and use it in a new way. I’d love to see some of the Museum’s audience seeing this work too!

Marco Berrettini – iFeel2

Now, I don’t want to say I’m looking forward to this one as it’s the closing show of the festival…. But there is a certain joy and relief in the final show always (last time I cried my little heart out to the very beautiful Colin Self). Really though, we’ve been listening to the sound track to this show a bit in the office and it’s stunning, and having watched the film of the work I can’t wait for our audiences to see it. It’s so surprising and delightful!

Then I have to give a shout out for the 2 female solo shows in the programme, because let’s be honest, historically this work is ALWAYS my cup of tea. So look out for Mariana Valencia’s Album, and Nicola Gunn’s Working with Children (which is strictly speaking not a solo show anymore….but still, it’s going to be BRILLIANT).

Finally, I’ve personally experienced BINGE by Brian Lobel and it’s 100% gorgeous, and everyone should go. It’s got a phenomenal artist line-up too!