Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

Speakers announced for the LuckyPDF School of Global Art

Last week we showed you the launch video for LuckyPDF’s School of Global Art.  Today we can reveal the speakers who will be providing taster sessions for the school’s first semester.  Enrol via the Fierce festival Hub (VIVID) or drop in to Heath Mill Studios, 2pm-5pm this Sunday, 1st April.


School of Global Art (Birmingham) Induction Day

School of Global Art presents a day of lectures and seminars, introducing pre-enroled and prospective students to some of the tutors, modules and courses that will comprise the first semester. Please feel free to stay for the whole session or drop in for one of the half-hour presentations (2pm – 5pm). Participation in the discussions is non-assessed but you will be asked to complete a feedback form as you leave.


Alex Andrews – Open Source, Free Association and Housework or The Political Economy of Cute Animal Pictures
What does it mean when 40% of the Daily Mail website front page is made of stuff off Twitter from yesterday and the core software of a $111.5 billion company was developed for free? How is Facebook like housework? What can cute animals pictures tell us about capitalism and imagining life without it? Alex Andrews is a writer, working programmer and academic. Alex has recently completed his PhD on the influence of religion and political theology on early and contemporary forms of neoliberalism at the University of Nottingham and is currently writing an open source book provisionally entitled The Age Of Digital Reproduction for Zer0 books.



Topics covered: unproductive time expenditure [at consumer retail outlets & elsewhere]; the #occupying of virtual space; how to develop a successful online brand to help you Win Friends and Influence People accrue and disseminate affective capital for a better world; how to stop worrying and start crying in public. JD is an artist & occasional essayist based in LDN and NYC. Her current exhibition STOCKHOLM SYNDROME AND OTHER SYSTEM FAILURES is at Arcadia Missa until 8 April.


Matthew Drage – Ataraxia 
An introduction to the ongoing work of Ataraxia, a research group formed in early 2012 by Matthew Drage and Ben Vickers. Their work focuses on body, mind and spirit in a shifting technological landscape.  This presentation will help you to ground your learning in a the wider context of your manifold emotional interactions with the internet. Matthew is a writer, researcher and is the co-founder of Copenhagen Place, a non-commercial art space in East London.