The Fiercest Moments of 2022

What a year 2022 has been for Fierce.

We kicked things off with Paul RamÍrez Jonas’ participatory public art project Key to the City in May, before queering the city in July with Healing Gardens of Bab – a collaborative programme of talks, workshops, art, performance and parties. We took a (very!) short interlude and then we were back with a bang, bringing the 25th anniversary edition of Fierce Festival to life in October, after 3 years away due to the pandemic. 

With so many things to look back on this year, we’ve asked the Fierce team to share their favourite moments from 2022:

A room filled with objects and portrait photographs on the wall

“The SaVAge Klub opening – which was the beginning of the Healing Gardens of Bab – was a very spiritually touching moment. This was one of the most beautifully curated exhibitions I’ve had the pleasure of working on and loved watching folks walk into the space during the opening and take in all the pieces of the space.”

Tinisha Williams, Admin Assistant + Assistant Producer

“For me, it was The Making of Pinocchio, which was the climax of a 10 year relationship with the artists Rosana Cade and Ivor MacAskill. I cried my eyes out in the theatre, which has never happened to me before.”

Aaron Wright, Artistic Director

“Standing on the stage in Club Fierce, wearing a pig nose and watching people go absolutely wild watching a giant latex pig giving birth to human-sized piglets.”

Pippa Frith, Executive Producer

“Teenage Songbook of Love and Sex was totally joyous. I wish I’d have been that self aware as a teenager. It made me feel very seen, but in a good way.”

Catherine Groom, General Manager

Grid of 9 images showing people exploring using their Key to the City

“I loved seeing the images shared on socials with #keytothecitybrum. We were nervous about how people would respond to the project, but we needn’t have worried: Brummies embraced Key to the City and went wild documenting their adventures!”

Bec Welsh, Marketing Coordinator