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Saturday 10 October 2015, 3.30pmSunday 11 October 2015, 3.30pm

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The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information & Bring your own Record/Listening Party
‘It never ceases to amaze us how important and resonant music can be in our lives. Often connected with childhood and adolescence, it is difficult to imagine the modern world without the songs that form its continuous soundtrack. In The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information, the Montreal based interdisciplinary group PME-ART have one hundred and twenty records and stories about each one: historical facts about the bands, gossip, anecdotes, things that happened to them and their friends. Each time they perform, they find themselves playing the records in a different order, creating new, on-the-spot connections between the music they love (and even a few songs they hate.) A loose, improvised, but still surprisingly effective, journey through art, politics, love and work; all seen through the lens of every kind of music. A place to come together and listen, think about where songs takes us and what we take from them. The public is also invited to a special encounter called Bring your own Record/Listening Party (90 min), where anyone can bring his/her own record and tells a story of her/his own in a casual atmosphere, raising every kind of question on Saturday 10 at Cow Vintage at 3.30pm. [Saturday 10 Oct, 1h 30 / Sunday 11 0ct, 3hrs]


Saturday 10 October 2015


COW Vintage / The Drum