Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

Fierce Press Gang: Can you be too old for Fierce?

On Thursday 29th March was the launch night of Fierce Festival. This is a short summary of what I experienced. The full video documentary is to follow, but for now I’ll give you a quick teaser of what I experienced.

So first of all I enter the mac with my journey there leaving my mind guessing and playing tricks on what to expect, will there be an act leaving me confused for days on end? Will there be an act that leaves me lost for words? Or will there be an act that makes me wonder, what am I doing with my life?

With little kids running around in excitement, I look around thinking, have I turned up at the right place, or have I ended up reading the map wrong and arriving at a kids party? Dazed by this I follow the kids (not in a freaky way) they lead me to a crowd where I see children all excited like it’s Christmas day and they’re opening their presents, with adults laughing. But some left with a “WTF” look on their face. Kate Spense, The puppet Show it was called. So I slowly push my way forward to the front to be greeted by a masked women with ropes attached to her, and blindfold. Freaky. At first glance I wondered what is she? I asked a lady next to me, is she real, she replied “take a look”.rude. so after asking my fellow press gang members, some laughing as if I really asked that, I finally was told that she was a real human After the crowd died down I decided to play with her, I didn’t quite know what to expect so I took a slow walk to her. I raise my hand and put it onto the black rubber handle, I use so little force…no movement. oh boy I think, this ones a heavy one, so I yank it, up and away she goes in a blink of an eye. maybe I pulled it to fast? So I try it again amused by this, running on each side pulling her. While I was having my fun running side to side amused by what I’m making her do, I question myself, aren’t I to old for this? so I stop walk away and sit down watching the audience members take part. Watching everyone who takes part I realise on the face of this act it seems so childish, but in all true honesty it isn’t. What a great show it was. Open to all ages, as weird as it sounds on paper, in reality it’s a show for all ages. A great way to keep children happy, so if you have small kids or sibling that are rowdy? Become a puppet, great way to keep them quiet!