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Yann Marussich (Geneva)

Bain Brisé

Sunday 20 October 2019, 2.30pm

Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park
Birmingham, B12 9QH United Kingdom
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Presented in partnership with MAC. Presentation supported by Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation.

90 mins approx



A bath is filled with broken glass. A man’s forearm is visible at the surface of the sharp and crystalline magma. The man is stuck inside his bath of glass shards and cannot get out without getting injured. Why get out? It is impossible for the audience to truly grasp that he is steeped inside some 600 kilos of solid matter, and that time is ticking by. Is this the paradox of contemplating a man in danger? For some two hours, Yann Marussich plunges the audience into a visual and sensory apnoea, until the body is freed to the echoing sound of crushing glass. All the while, the audience is submerged, deep in concentration and frozen by the glances they share with the performer.

Design and performance - Yann Marussich Live Music - Julie Semoroz (JMO) Set and Lighting - Yann Marussich Technical - Denis Rollet Administration / Production Perceuse Productions Scènes - Julie Semoroz

Fierce Says

Yann Marussich is a master of performance art. If you’re expecting something squeamish, you are mistaken. This is a truly beautiful and compelling performance.


Sunday 20 October 2019


Midlands Arts Centre, First Floor Gallery