Fierce Commissions

Over the years Fierce has commissioned numerous artist projects that have gone on to travel the world. Here you can look back at some of them, many of which are still available for programming.

2019 Commissions
Gillie Kleiman & Greg Wohead, Familiar
Lucy McCormick, LIFE: LIVE!

2017 Commissions
Rosana Cade & Ivor MacAskill, Moot Moot
Lastyearzinterestingnegro/Jamila Johnson-Small, i ride in colour and soft focus no longer anywhere
The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein, NOTORIOUS
Marikiscrycrycry, $elfie$
Preach R. Sun, Lord of Flies (Coronation)

2015 Commissions
Ursula Martinez, Free Admission
Season Butler, Happiness Forgets

2014 Commissions
Forced Entertainment, The Last Adventures
Tania El Khoury, Gardens Speak
SJ Norman, Concerto No. 3

2013 Commissions
Brian Lobel, Fun with Cancer Patients
Lundahl & Seitl, Four Stages of Conversations

2012 Commissions
Subject to_change, Cupid

2011 Commissions
EXYST, Burningham
plan b, Narrating Our Lines
Action Hero, Frontman