Liz Ord (Birmingham)

Peaked too Soon

Tuesday 11 October 2022Saturday 15 October 2022


- Flashing lights
- Smoking representation
- Loud sound
- Themes of mental breakdown


In this performance Liz relives the glazed moments of ecstasy working as a fashion model and tries to style out the inevitable prevailing silence. Celebrity voyeurism, tantrums turned memes, cigarette break chic… Screenshot the anguish and calling it a #MondayMood ;)

“Maybe you peaked too soon?”
I think that’s a bit harsh Mum. I must have burst out of that cake a hundred times but no one ever offered me a slice.

Lookout for this performance popping up at the following moments during the festival.

Tuesday 11 October, 7.15pm
Warwick Arts Centre, Foyer (before Farm Fatale)

Saturday 15 October, 8.15pm
Midlands Arts Centre, Foyer (after Lavagem)


Tuesday 11 October 2022


Warwick Arts Centre

Saturday 15 October 2022


Midlands Arts Centre