Rosie Gibbens (London)

Skin of my Teeth

Sunday 16 October 2022, 2.30pm5.30pm

Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park
Birmingham, B12 9QH United Kingdom
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180 minutes


- Mild nudity
- Sexual references


‘Skin of my Teeth’ is a perverse product demonstration of office equipment which interprets the term ‘sex sells’ overly literally. Taking as its starting point the outdated trend for white-collar workers to photocopy their nude body parts, the performance presents various combinations of everyday objects and unruly bodies. The installation also includes figurative soft sculptural avatars and videos featuring digital bodies – both inspired by photogrammetry nets which act as a computerised ‘skin’. Rosie is interested in using absurdity to think about how tools can extend or restrict our bodies, to question our assumptions that new technology will make our lives more streamlined and to think about the ways that female bodies are often used as landscapes on which desire for commodities are constructed.

Skin of My Teeth is a new performance created for Fierce Festival 2022.


Special thanks to Grant from Scriptum Document Solutions Ltd


Sunday 16 October 2022


Midlands Arts Centre