Living Room Talks

Sex(uality) and the City: Queer Resistance in Neoliberal Spaces

Sunday 17 July 2022, 2.30pm4.00pm

54-57 Allison St
Birmingham, B5 5TH United Kingdom
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Birmingham 2022 Festival Present

60 minutes
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Ajamu X

Mo Moulton

Yshee Black

Late capitalism has produced British cities with a decline in industry, massive socioeconomic inequalities and an environment that is more hospitable to business than it is to human lives. Reflecting on the ways in which queer lives offer possibilities of resisting this bleak status quo, this panel considers queer lives that use the city as a springboard for ways of living that resist the lifecycles of capitalism, offering hope in an otherwise cataclysmic political landscape.

Including speakers Dr Mo Moulton, Ajamu X, Yshee Black and Lacey Alexandria.

Mo Moulton
Mo Moulton is a queer writer, a historian of the twentieth century, and an extremely-
privileged migrant to this island. They work at the University of Birmingham's History
Department and have published widely on subjects ranging from agricultural cooperatives to
detective fiction.

Yshee Black
The self-proclaimed Alison Hammond of drag – Yshee Black – is loud, bubbly and always up
for a laugh & known for her high energy performances. She hosts a lip-sync competition in
Birmingham called “The Church of Yshee” that she started in 2017. On top of hosting and
producing events around the UK, she hosts the Popbuzz Year Book that interviews the alumni
of Canada’s Drag Race, Drag Race down under and Drag Race UK Series 2 & 3. Currently, she is working in London with Tuckshop on various projects such as The Crown drag competition
and the West End Drag Panto “Dick Whittington”.

Ajamu X
Ajamu X (aka Master Aaab) is a darkroom/fine art, neurodivergent photographer, archive
curator and radical sex activist. His practice incorporates portraits, nudes and studio-based
constructed imagery which unapologetically celebrates black queer bodies, the erotic,
pleasure and difference. His work has been shown worldwide in museums, galleries, and
alternative spaces. He is the co-founder of rukus! Federation and the award-winning rukus! Black LGBTQ Archive. He is one of the UK’s leading black queer heritage, history, and cultural memory specialists. Most recently, he has co-founded Spit & Spider Press, an alternative publishing venture focusing on the radical materiality of the book.

Lacey Alexandria

The Living Room Talks

Based loosely on the eighteenth-century French salon, the Living Room invites you in. Recognising the exclusivity of the salon, and its associations with heteronormativity, whiteness, and elitism, The Living Room instead seeks to promote the voices and experiences of LGBTQ+ folk, first nations/indigenous people, and QTIPOC. Reflecting on some of the themes that have informed the programming and artistic work of the Healing Gardens of Bab, the Living Room invites you in for conversations with local and international artists, activists and queer icons. We hope to see you in the Living Room for a brew and a chat soon!

The Living Room talks have been conceived by Hassan Hussain and Patrick Vernon.


Sunday 17 July 2022


Warehouse Cafe


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