Club Fierce feat. Saeborg & Soya the Cow (Tokyo)

The Ho Down

Saturday 15 October 2022, 10.00pmSunday 16 October 2022, 4.00am

77A Upper Trinity Street, Digbeth
Birmingham, B9 4EG United Kingdom
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Supported by the Daiwa Foundation, the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and Pro Helvetia. Included in our tiered discount offer.

£10/8 Running Time: 6 hours

Songs performed by Soya the Cow are from the perspective of a dairy cow about animal agriculture, factory farms and slaughterhouses. Many difficult topics are sung or spoken about (but not visually shown), which are inherent to these systems.
• forced motherhood
• abuse (physical, mental, verbal, sexual)
• excessive or gratuitous violence
• animal cruelty / death
• death dying
• blood
• torture
• killing
• ecosystem destruction
• loss / grief
• Loud noises / music
• Flashing lights
• Strobe
• Use of haze / smoke



Soya the Cow

Mystic Meg

If we’ve become known for anything this past quarter of a century, it’s for throwing an absolutely lit  party. Step forward The Big Fat Birthday Ho Down, a rootin’ tootin’ deranged barn dance cum country fete for all the senses.

We’re excited to welcome Tokyo fetish legend Saeborg who’ll present her performance Pig Pen, featuring giant latex momma pig and her newly birthed piglets! On stage we’ll have Soya the Cow, from Zurich,(as seen on Germany’s The Voice) and from Margate roll up the Pink Suits, the original queer country icons. And all the way from Montreal, working the pole Dulce Villano. As usual, expect a hot line up of Birmingham’s finest selectors and some perverse sideshows to keep you entertained when you’re not dancing.

Did somebody say Buckaroo?

Dress Code: Farmyard Hoes, (un)Stable Sluts, Mucky Cows, Cuntry Bumpkins, Pervert Pumpkins, Lesbian Cowboys, Rodeo Nellys, Missy Elliot on her Tractor, Bad Harvests, Pesticide Chic, Bee Keeper Types, Farm Shop Produce, Haute Manure, Fat Ass Donkeys, Mutton Dressed as Lamb, Sexy Ducky Wuckys, Anxious Scarecrows, Farmacists with Sedatives, Hunt Saboteurs, Cèilidh Cult Members, Dolly Parton & Dolly the Sheep.


Saeborg (Tokyo) presents Pig Pen
A giant nursing mother pig bound for the production line gives birth to a litter of scrambling, human-sized piglets, desperate to suckle and feed. In Pigpen, inflatable latex is used to shape the huge figures of a truck-sized pig and its humanoid piglets. No matter how cartoonish and friendly they seem, the birth of the inflatable piglets is playfully twisted. Sleazy, shiny, squeaking, anthropomorphic, these pigs are crossbreeds between BDSM and animal-costumed PETA protesters.

Pigpen is part of the wider Slaughterhouse series, overlapping ideas of gender and the artificially controlled processes of animal husbandry. The humans step aside while the pork-chops trot in the spotlight; is it a queer performance of operatic proportions or an allegory created to initiate kids into veganism? Are those cute piglets to be hugged and petted or are they bloated sexual fantasies?

Soya the Cow (Zurich)
Animal rights, climate activism, music and queer feminism – spiced up with a good dose of drag: that’s Soya the Cow. The alter-ego of performance artist, musician and activist Daniel Hellmann, who lives in Zürich and Berlin, blurs the boundaries between male and female, human and cow, and manages the balancing act between a serious desire to change the world and a humorous sense of lightness.

Pink Suits (Margate)
pink suits are a Non Binary, Queer Feminist Punk Rock & Rage duo based in Margate, UK. Formed in 2017, pink suits make loud aggressive political punk noise as well as dance, physical theatre, film and art. pink suits work is an exploration of sexuality, fantasy, mental health, politics, activism and is a resistance of binary gender expectations, questioning how voices and bodies can be used as a form of protest.

Dairy King (London)
Dairy King has been appearing in the East London drag scene since April and despite best efforts, is still performing. He has brought his own produce to sell today from his dairy, and is weirdly insistent that it’s free of charge because he just wants to see your growing bones.

Dulce Villano (Montreal) on the pole
and host Yshee Black (Birmingham)


Mystic Meg


NAYCHA BOI (Birmingham)
Fatt Butcher’s ABBAtoir (Birmingham)
Soya’s Udderly Beautiful Photo Booth
and Buckaroo with Pork Pie

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Saturday 15 October 2022, 10.00pmSunday 16 October 2022, 4.00am

7SVN, 77A Upper Trinity Street