Fame Prayer / EATING

Sunday 22 October 2017, 5.30pm6.30pm

200 Jennens Rd
Birmingham, B4 7XR United Kingdom
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Fame Prayer / EATING is an attempt to queer spirituality, and a counter point to neo-liberal notions of self care which keep telling us we should be fixing the things that are wrong with us. In this work we examine self help book ideologies and pop culture spiritual texts – instead of using their rules and philosophies as guidelines for living, we engage them as strategies for the body and choreography.

Elevating crap materials into mystical objects, dances and rituals – The work confuses ideas of modern spirituality through the process of consumption – Inviting the public to consider the complications that arise when consumer culture absorbs spiritual practices. A rigorously undisciplined performance created by dance artist Andrew Tay, visual and performance artist François Lalumière (Montreal), and photographer and performance artist Katrzyna Szugajew (Poland), Fame Prayer / EATING is a queer space of worship, a critique of healing culture, and a transgressive and disorientating performance for the audience to engage with.

Andrey Tay, François Lalumière & Katrzyna Szugajew – Fame Prayer/ EATING from Studio 303 on Vimeo.

Created and performed by: Andrew Tay, François Lalumière, Katrzyna Szugajew.
In collaboration with ELAN, supported by Canada Council for the Arts and co-curated with Studio 303 (Montreal).


Sunday 22 October 2017


The Lab, Birmingham Conservatoire