One Five West

Thursday 8 October 2015Tuesday 10 November 2015

1 Dudley Street
Birmingham, B5 4EG United Kingdom
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Code and Carpentry

One Five West will be exhibiting Code and Carpentry, a series of interactive objects that the audience can manipulate through movement, sound and touch. This new body of work is a continuation of Feedback, an installation developed through Fierce Festival’s artist development scheme, Fierce FWD, 2014.

One Five West are interested in tactile creativity and play in a digital age. The structures they build draw inspiration from minimalist sculpture and retrofuturism, and wish to encourage physical interactions in a rapidly evolving digital world that favours the virtual.

The technologies One Five West employ – light bulbs, mini-spy cameras, LED lights and so on – are affordable and readily accessible to audiences. Their objects have no prescribed instructions, so audiences can intuitively create and play according to their individual or collective approach.

Code and Carpentry uses a blend of traditional woodwork with low-fi technological elements to create interactive pieces. This work invites audiences to physically engage with the artwork in order to change the outcomes of the physical and digital elements: using body movement and altering the structures to creating visuals and sounds.


Thursday 8 October 2015Tuesday 10 November 2015