Living Room Talks (Birmingham)

Queerly Beloved: Chosen Families and LGBTQ+ Communities

Thursday 30 June 2022, 6.00pm7.30pm

Bromsgrove Street
Birmingham, B5 6RG United Kingdom
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Birmingham 2022 Festival present

90 minutes



Bhenji Ra & Justin Shoulder

Image: Jess Dobkin by David Hawe

This talk explore the ways in which queer people subvert traditional relationships, the benefits of saying f*ck you to the heteronormative status quo, and the ways in which resistance informs ground-breaking art. Through a conversation reaching right across the globe, Canadian artists Jess Dobkin and Clayton Lee, and Australian artists Justin Shoulder and Bhenji Ra discuss themes such as alternative forms of kinship, belonging, and social/artistic practices which bring LGBTQ+ people together.

Living Room Talks

Based loosely on the eighteenth-century French salon, the Living Room invites you in. Recognising the exclusivity of the salon, and its associations with heteronormativity, whiteness, and elitism, The Living Room instead seeks to promote the voices and experiences of LGBTQ+ folk, first nations/indigenous people, and QTIPOC. Reflecting on some of the themes that have informed the programming and artistic work of the Healing Gardens of Bab, the Living Room invites you in for conversations with local and international artists, activists and queer icons. We hope to see you in the Living Room for a brew and a chat soon!

The Living Room talks have been conceived by Hassan Hussain and Patrick Vernon.

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Thursday 30 June 2022


The Loft, Penthouse


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