UK Premiere

Lisa Vereertbrugghen (Ghent)

SOFTCORE a hardcore encounter

Wednesday 12 October 2022Friday 14 October 2022

Birmingham Hippodrome, Thorp Street
Birmingham, B5 4TB United Kingdom
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Presented with FABRIC. Part of our Flanders Focus, supported by Flanders House.
Included in our tiered discount offer

50 mins £13/11

- Loud noises / music (not continuously)
- One moment of flashing lights / strobe
- One moment of complete blackout
- Use of haze / smoke

Lisa sits on a stage dressed in all black with one leg slightly raised and bent at the knee and one leg beneath her on the floor.

Softcore – A Hardcore Encounter is a dance piece about hardcore techno subgenre ‘Gabber’. At 200 beats per minute this beat has been described as techno on speed: it’s the sound of the uncompromising underdog. It’s rave gone crazy. It places the body in a permanently accelerated state and can be viewed equally as part of both capitalist society and the resistance to it.

The young Belgian Lisa Vereertbrugghen has conducted an extensive examination of this form of club music over several years and explores the term hardcore with regard to the transformation, vulnerability, possibility and unpredictability that is concealed behind its stubborn convulsions and twitches. What if dancing so fast can be a way to appropriate speed not for being more productive, but for the opposite: Speed becomes a way to increase sensations and to elude control.

The audience is asked to sit on the floor, but chairs will be provided for people who prefer that. There is also room for wheelchairs.

Presented in partnership with FABRIC as part of our Flanders Focus.

Concept, choreography and performance: Lisa Vereertbrugghen
Sound: Michael Langeder
Lights: Vera Martins
Artistic advice: Madison Bycroft, Sabine Cmelniski, Nestor Garcia Diaz

Coproduction of CENTRALE FIES within the program of LIVE WORKS PERFORMANCE ACT AWARD, STUK, BUDA and BIT Teatergarasjen
With the support of CAMPO, Tanzfabrik, Workspace Brussels and SZENE Salzburg.
Funded by de Vlaamse Overheid and apap – Performing Europe 2020, co-funded by the Creative Programme of the European Union



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Fierce Says

If you liked 'Every Body Electric' in 2019 or 'PILGRIM' in 2017 then this is a show for you. Let's be honest, gabba doesn't have the best reputation amongst sub genres of techno. This performance explores the potential of the music and its hard reputation, to allow us to be a bit... softer. The gabba moves are also particularly impressive.


Wednesday 12 October 2022


Birmingham Hippodrome, Patrick Studio

Friday 14 October 2022


Birmingham Hippodrome, Patrick Studio