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Art Makers and ColLABorators

21 July 2018
Doors open 6pm
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Chamberlain Square
Birmingham, B3 3DH


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

We have teamed up with Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to bring you an evening of entertainment to celebrate the opening of two brand new exhibitions; Within and Without: Body Image and the Self and Inspire 18 (Youth Art Competition).

We are presenting:

The Girls (Andrea Blood & Zerelda Sinclair): Diamonds & Toads (2011)

A tableau vivant that sits somewhere between self-portraiture and performance and invokes the ill-fated heroines of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson whilst alluding to contemporary concerns of voyeurism and female objectification.

“The Girls do not speak or move. It is as though they have been trapped here for decades in these bodies, Havisham-esque, bed ridden and beginning slightly to smell… It’s a parody of feminine beauty and a metaphor for the dangers of the double edged sword of passive objectification.” Beverley Knowles, FAD, 2013

Toni Lewis: I Am The Future
A strong-beaked bird named after Barack Obama, a fire-tailed titi monkey and a new pink river dolphin are among the new species recorded by the Living Amazon Initiative of the WWF Network… and now a Deerbra. (Half-Zebra. Half-Deer).
I am the future. is a performance lecture that seeks (ambitiously) to rectify the damage caused by Marco Pierre White during his 2013 Knorr Campaign; exploring groundbreaking biology and genetics research we will collectively  measure the socio-economic and psychological impact of interspecies hybridity.


Vijay Patel: Walk the Line


Doors open at 6pm, drinks offered on arrival.

Speeches and prize giving, featuring local artist Emily Sparkes for both exhibitions at 6.45pm

Followed by performances and interactives around the galleries.

Event finishes at 9pm.

Please note: Some performance content beyond 8pm may NOT be suitable for those under the age of 14.


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