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BAB, WE'RE BACK! 16 - 22 OCTOBER 2017

to care

Louisa Robbin (UK)

22 October 2017
Fierce Festival 2017
The DOOR, Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Broad St
Birmingham, B1 2EP United Kingdom
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Presented with BEDLAM Festival

How do you distract yourself from negative thoughts? Herbal tea, meditation, booze, bubble baths? Louisa shares her musings away from the therapist’s chair. Watch as she tries to cope, to care and not to disappear. Louisa Robbin is a live artist and writer. A sad girl who projects her feelings on to glitter and gold and a queer black British (African) woman who is forever ticking boxes. Passionate about the alternative, the untraditional and the awkward; Louisa is intent on making art that explores the beauty in ritual, intimacy and the self (self-care, self-harm, self-esteem). Her recent body of work ‘to care’ explores her depression and the desperate need to keep going, keep doing and be more.

Part of the Discover Day at BEDLAM Festival.

Louis Robbin is  Fierce FWD 2017 artist.

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#radicalcaring, Fierce FWD '17, Sunday