That’s a wrap for Artists Behind Bars 2024!

Thank you to everyone that came to perform, play, and party with us last Friday night for Artists Behind Bars! We packed Eastside Projects to the rafters – despite the disgusting weather – and a special shout out goes to the crew on the dance floor until the bitter end. You know who you are!

We’d like to extend a 🙏🏽 HUGE THANK YOU 🙏🏽 to all of the artists that took part – for the brilliant concepts, flawless execution and big big vibes you maintained all night long. Special thanks to the OG artist behind a bar, the one that concocted it all… the legendary Kitty Finer.

Were you there? Or want to see what happened if you weren’t? Scroll down for the full photo recap. Big thank you to Irina Mackie who was there to capture the magic 📷 for us.

And if you want to reminisce and relive the experience, why not pop the full Artists Behind Bars Spotify Playlist on, get yourself comfy, and take just 5 minutes to fill in our event survey – each one completed helps to ensure we can continue to get funding for events like this.

Until next time!

Team Fierce x