Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: The Slightest Movement

Quarantine, in partnership with Fierce are looking for participants for:

The slightest movement: A project about the problem with tolerance

20 – 25 September 2010, West Bromwich

Some people go out into the world. Their task is to go somewhere that they have never been, meet someone who they don’t know and invite them back to an event that has been constructed in their absence.

The task is repeated every day for a week. Each day the event is re-invented according to what happened the day before. A small group grows into a large one, gathering more and more strangers into a temporary – perhaps uneasy – community.

The slightest movement is a simple yet direct project that asks questions about tolerance and ‘otherness’.

Over the course of a week at the end of September, Quarantine will gather together a group of strangers and, through a daily series of varied tasks, events and difficult conversations, create a temporary community that openly debates difference.

Led by Quarantine’s Artistic Director Richard Gregory and designer Simon Banham, we want to invite a core group of 15 people to participate in The slightest movement.

We would like to work with a group that is diverse in every sense – culturally, socially and creatively as well as in levels of experience of involvement in art-based projects. We’re going to try to find a spread of people from West Bromwich itself, some from the West Midlands and some from anywhere else. This is a voluntary project, though we may be able to help with travel and living expenses – more details available on application.

How to get involved….

The slightest movement is open to all, artists and non-artists, irrespective of background or experience. There are only 15 places available. To apply please complete and return the application form available for download from Closing date for applications is 3rd September 2010.