Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

Hello Wednesbury!

So the team from Quarantine, 14 intrepid workshop participants and a van full of possibly useful ‘stuff’ have arrived and started working on the week-long process called The Slightest Movement.

The group are based at The Old Post Office in Wednesbury, in the Black Country

Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen in this week.

We do know that the group are going to spend their time going out into the wider world, meeting people and having conversations with them.

Yesterday when we were there, a man called John and a woman called Pinky came back to spend some time at The Old Post Office in the afternoon.  There was a trestle table covered in glitterballs and a lot of tea drinking.

To find out what’s happening today and for the rest of this week, visit

The Slightest Movement blog

Or come and visit the group for yourself on Saturday night (25th September) at 8pm, when they’ll be opening their doors to anyone that fancies popping in.

The Slightest Movement is leading up to, and is part of, the Fierce Festival Interrobang – a weekend long programme of live performance events, workshops and talks, focusing on the people and places of the Black Country and the notion of relationships.

Click here for the full Fierce Interrobang weekender programme