Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

Participate in BINGE at Fierce 2019

Call out for local artists (including emerging artists) and superfans for installation at FIERCE FESTIVAL, 19-20 October

Image: Mamoru Iriguchi

I couldn’t help but wonder… might my old collection of box sets hold all the answers? 

Brian Lobel invites Birmingham artists (established, emerging, everything in between) and superfans to apply to be part of his new curated performance installation BINGE. He’s looking for someone who loves bingewatching boxsets and is interested in creating a 1-to-1 and intimate performance to be a part of BINGE. BINGE uses boxsets as a space for resistance, healing and laziness, taking the act of binge watching from lonely and shameful to collective comfort and togetherness. It exists somewhere between radical self-care and playful self-indulgence and collapses the distinction between the high-brow, the low-brow, and the freshly-plucked brow. 

Other artists in BINGE include the amazing Selina Thompson, Ginny Lemon, Francesca Millican-Slater, Adam Carver and Demi Nandhra. WHAT A LINE-UP.

For previous line-ups and more information visit Brian’s website.

This is a paid opportunity. Participants will receive a fee of £600 for this project.

So, who are we looking for?

You’ll be someone who probably binge watches a lot of TV but has one show that they are obsessed with – you know it backwards and forwards and think it’s really just great at reflecting on big themes in life such as love, relationships, social injustice and politics.

You’ll be interested in approaches to making 1-to-1 or intimate performances and want to make your own performance that uses your chosen boxset to engage an audience.

You’ll be up for the challenge of working durationally on 2 performance days, managing your own needs and supporting fellow performers to make it through the day.

How will we work together?

Brian will run workshops over 3 days/nights for selected artists/superfans to think about approaches to making intimate performances, including how to creatively meet access needs. During this workshop time, you’ll use your boxset to create a performance which will be curated as part of BINGE on a rotating basis to ensure everyone gets breaks and time to support each other on performance days.

Brian is interested in rethinking how to make durational performance practice more sustainable, both for himself and others, and by working together we’ll try out a new model that keeps us healthy and reaches more audiences!

When will you be needed?

We’ll work together in quite a concentrated time-period in the run up to the performances, so you’ll need to be available for:

When will you be needed?

We’ll work together in quite a concentrated time-period in the run up to the performances, so you’ll need to be available for:

  • Skype call sometime between application and the first workshop
  • Workshop on 14 October (6-9pm)
  • Workshop one-to-one on 15 October (Anytime for 2 hours)

You love the idea? Amazing. How do you apply?

Please send the following to Brian at

– your favourite show to binge watch that you know backwards and forwards, and why

– one example of a time you solved a problem, your own or someone else’s, through a TV episode (up to 1 page, but please don’t agonise over making it fancy)

– short biography, link to Instagram or whatever you think gives us a sense of you

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 3rd October