Fierce Festival 2019 / Birmingham, UK / 15 – 20 October

Volunteers to help create Fierce’s archive needed. . .

What is the Fierce Archive?

Since its inception as Queerfest in 1997 through to the Fierce Festival we have today, Fierce as an organisation has worked with hundreds of artists on an abundance of projects and events and is now seeking to catalogue and archive all this activity. This archive will be publicly available and will serve as a point of dialogue for new future works to be generated, as well as preserving the past for posterity.

Fierce needs volunteers at all stages of the archive building; the first stage is to help sort through and catalogue flyers, paperwork, photos, videos, websites and other archival information. The second stage will be a period of building the archive – digitalising documents and old media formats, collecting oral histories and developing an appropriate archive system. The final stage will be curating the archive, exhibiting it to the public in September and throughout Fierce 2013. There will also be a small display of archival material and its progress at the Fierce start party on the 27th April 2013.

Why volunteer on the Fierce Archive?

This is a great opportunity to work on an exciting and long lasting project with Fierce. You will get to see in depth what happens behind the scenes in an arts organisation and learn a great deal about Birmingham’s live art history as well as making new friends and expanding your network of professional contacts. Participant will also receive concession tickets to Fierce events and parties.

To get involved or contribute personal documentation of past festivals please email Sarah via