The 2023 Fierce ‘Arty Holigay Gift Guide’ is HERE!

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but here at Fierce we think BUYING SOMEONE’S STUFF is the pinnacle of admiration! If you’re celebrating the holidays via the medium of gift giving – or just fancy supporting artists and grabbing yourself a treat in the process, check out our 2023 Arty Holigay Gift Guide below – featuring arts and crafts, books, music and apparel created by artists that Fierce have worked with over the years.

And if you spot anything else that you think should be included in this guide, please send it to and we’ll add in!

Art + Craft

A christmas cracker made from red felt, with a piece of paper running across it that says 'It's easy to get noticed when you are dancing on your own'. A small model of a molar tooth wearing a gold crown hanging from it sits, on top of the red felt crown.

Kitty Finer, the brains behind the brilliant Artists Behind Bars, has created these Kitty Craic-ers. Each can be customised with a lyric or quote, and they are in a limited run of 20. Go go go!

Buy here.

Birmingham Craftspace have an independent design and craft store, and there are some lovely products in there designed by artists to raise funds for the charity.

Browse the store.

Five brooches made from brightly coloured plastic sit on a white surface.
A ceramic pot with the words 'original sin' written into the design.

Phoebe Collings-James was part of the line up for HOTLINE at Fierce 2017. She hand-makes makes these gorgeous ceramics, and runs a roaming teaching facility offering free ceramics courses for Black people in London.

Buy here.

Coven Oven is a project by Jo Hellier – who was one of the Horizon Residency Artists for 2023 – which celebrates love of the land, witchcraft, food, herbs and folklore. We love these hand printed lino-cut Christmas cards.

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A black and white greeting card featuring a view out of a window with a Christmas putting and a candle on the windowsill. Underneath the window it says 'yule'.


A red and white coloured book called 'The Art of Activism'.

Steve Lambert‘s ‘Capitalism Works for Me!‘ was a public art installation and brilliant conversation starter that was part of Fierce Festival 2017. His latest book ‘The Art of Activism’ is perhaps needed right now more than ever.

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You may recognise the unique style of Girth of Venus‘s beautiful illustrations from last year’s Healing Gardens of Bab artwork. We’re super excited about the upcoming release of his debut book ‘The Romance of the Dancing Boy’ in January. Pre-order yours now!

Pre-order here.

A naked man standing with a hand above his head looking up. Behind him is a large pink clamshell.


A person wearing glasses, drag make up, a beard, a large black and silver hat and a silver corset type dress looks directly at camera. To their right is a National AIDs Trust logo, and the words 'Fatt Butcher. This Woman's Work'.

Fierce pal and vocal powerhouse of Brum, Fatt Butcher, has turned heads recently (well, 4 to be exact) on The Voice UK. Today is World AIDS Day, and this year Fatt is raising funds for the National AIDS Trust with the release of their single ‘This Woman’s Work’. Profits from purchases of the song made before 02/12/2023 will be donated to the National AIDS Trust, so get on it quick!

Buy here.

Ana Rab, better known as Gnucci, was part of the stellar line up at 2017’s Club Fierce: We Are Fierce. Part of the new generation of female hip-hop and rap performers on the international scene, her latest release ‘godess’ can be bought on Bandcamp right now.

Buy here.

A brown skinned hand wearing gold rings gives the thumbs up sign. The wrist is wearing gold bangles. The word 'godess is underneath'. The background is white.
An abstract piece of art on a pink background. 'The Thicket, Yas Clarke' is written in blue at the bottom.

Sound artist Yas Clarke was part of The Making of Pinocchio team and was one of Horizon’s Residency artists this year (alongside Jo Hellier, above). Their latest project, The Thicket, is an intricate, rhythmic and melodic text score, composed for four voices. In the context of climate change, the composition probes the limits of human capacities for understanding our position in the natural world.

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marikiscrycrycry‘s “$elfie$” premiered at Fierce Festival 2017. MISS ME ERODE sees marikiscrycrycry and Sam Ray collaborate on a collection of pieces ranging from unique hand-made garments, to ready-to-wear t-Shirts. They’ve gone like hot cakes so there’s only one design currently remaining (pictured). 5% of all proceeds will go to The Outside Project, and a further 5% will go to Hackney Caribbean Elders Association

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An animated GIF showing a faceless brown skinned figure wearing a white t shirt with a hot pink figure silhouetted on it. They wear red flared trousers, black shoes and they are holding a sword. They have silver dangly earrings and silver hair clips.
A person dressed in black has a large scarf wrapped around their head and hanging down their back. The scarf has the letters PPEUR visible.

Miet Warlop‘s Ghostwriter and the Broken Hand Break was a favourite at Fierce 2019, and we LOVED his recent work One Song at Transform and Battersea Arts Centre – grab yourself one of the original scarves featured in the piece, they’re a thing of typographical beauty!

Buy here.


If all this talk of shopping has got you wanting to repent for your consumerist sins, absolve yourself by supporting Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping, the NYC-based wild anti-consumerist gospel shouters and Earth-loving urban activists that tore BMAG’s Victorian Tea Rooms down down at Fierce Festival 2017

Join their Patreon here.

A male reverend with white hair and wearing a dog collar sings expressively in amongst a grown of gospel singers all wearing bright clothing.